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acidic-lithium: I tried to go vegan and I was for like 6 months but I run cross country and even if I was eating a correct diet I still wasn't getting enough protein. I was tired all the time and hungry all the time and I was eating the right amount of everything. A vegan diet does not work for every one so no hate but you shouldn't force your opinion on everyone. Some people can't afford it or just aren't able to go vegan


Oh for fuck’s sake.

If you weren’t getting enough protein, then you weren’t doing it correctly. Beans, nuts and seeds, vegetables. All the time. I’ve seen plenty of vegan meat substitutes with MORE protein than meat.

It is not my opinion that the majority of humans do not biologically require animal products, that is a fact. Veganism is often less expensive (seriously have you ever seen “good quality” meat that was less expensive than beans and vegetables?) and at any rate, I’m not going after people with difficult financial situations. (Though it’s worth mentioning I have a lot of money issues myself and yet somehow I’ve saved money going vegan! Go figure.)

Also, within a week of going vegan, I could run twice as far as I had before without getting tired. If you were tired all the time, you just weren’t doing it correctly. Veganism isn’t going to be exactly the same for everyone because WHOA everyone’s bodies are different! Sure, for some people it just won’t work. But these are the exceptions…absorption difficulties, widespread fruit/vegetable allergies, etc. are definitely not the norm. I’m not going to bother those people to go vegan. But if someone tries veganism and their only complaint is “I was tired all the time” then clearly something was being done incorrectly.


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